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The 1925 Serum Run Participants

The following is the generally accepted order of the mushers in the first serum run, as well as the mileage they covered.

Jan. 27-28 Bill Shannon Nenana to Tolovana 42 miles
Jan. 28 Edgar Kallands Tolovana to Mnaley Hot Springs 31 miles
Jan. 28 Dan Green Manley Hot Springs to Fish Lake 28 miles
Jan. 28 Johny Folger Fish Lake to Tanana 26 miles
Jan. 29 Sam Joseph  Tanana to Kallands 34 miles
Jan. 29 Titus Nikolai Kallands to Nine Mile Cabin 24 miles
Jan. 29 Dave Corning Nine Mile Cabin to Kokrines 30 miles
Jan. 29 Harry Pitka Kokrines to Ruby 30 miles
Jan. 29 Bill McCarty Ruby to Whiskey Creek 28 miles
Jan. 29 Edgar Nollner Whiskey Creek to Galena 24 miles
Jan. 30 George Nollner Galena to Bishop Mountain 18 miles
Jan. 30 Charlie Evans Bishop Mountain to Nulato 30 miles
Jan. 30 Tommy Patsy Nulato to Kaltag 36 miles
Jan. 30 Jackscrew Kaltag to Old Woman Shelter 40 miles
Jan. 30-31 Victor Anagick Old Woman Shelter to Unalakleet 34 miles
Jan. 31 Myles Gonangnan Unalakleet to Shaktoolik 40 miles
Jan. 31 Henry Ivanoff Shaktoolik to Seppala handoff  
  Leonhard Seppala* Shaktoolik to Golovin 91 miles
Feb. 1 Charlie Olson Golovin to Bluff 25 miles
Feb. 1 Gunnar Kaasen Bluff to Nome 53 miles
    Total Miles 674 miles
  Total Time: 127 hours 30 minnutes (5-1/2 days)  

*Leonhard Seppala drove 170 miles from Nome to Shaktoolik to meet the serum for a total of 261 miles in the first serum run, the longest distance in the whole run.  On one day he covered 84 miles.




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